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The Hand in Hand Productions FAQs page aims to answer your questions about our organization, its mission, and the services we provide.

We compiled the Hand in Hand Productions FAQs page to provide you with clear and concise answers!  For further questions, you can contact Hand in Hand Productions here.

What is a livestream event?

Essentially, livestream is a one-to-many broadcast that is conducted online. But, that’s just the blueprint. The great thing about livestreams is they can be enhanced to create just about any type of virtual experience you’re going for. The best part about doing them with Hand in Hand Productions? All the guesswork is gone, technical issues are no longer yours to solve, and you come away looking like a production guru. 

For example, say you have two or three presenters who need to deliver a message to twenty or more people, but you also need chat capabilities, ASL, or other types of engagement – a livestream will operate real-time while your audience can interact with one another or ask questions of the presenter. 

An example of a livestream is a company-wide meeting or a product launch event.

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event enables an interactive experience that runs via livestream. All of the same capabilities of livestream are at your disposal with this option, plus more.

For example, rather than a one-to-many stream, your guests will feel that they are part of an event that takes place online. So, there may be more two-way interaction opportunities or breakout rooms where guests can break off into smaller groups to interact with one another real-time. 

An example of a virtual event is a virtual conference or a fundraising gala.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is a combination of a live event and a virtual event running simultaneously. You’ll have people in the room and you’ll have people online. The trick to the hybrid event is to keep both audiences engaged while ensuring that the people online feel like they’re part of the experience. This is why Hand in Hand Productions loves to be involved in the strategic planning of the event from step one. We provide years of experience and brain power on the best way to run a hybrid event, which takes the complexities off of your plate and puts it into the hands of the experts.

An example of a hybrid event is a community development event or a professional networking event.

What is REMI?

REMI (Remote Integration Model) is a video production technique that remotely produces live events from a centralized location using high-bandwidth IP networks to connect multiple camera feeds, audio sources, graphics, and other production elements from the event venue. The video signals are mixed and edited in real-time at the centralized production facility, offering cost savings, reduced travel time and expenses, and increased flexibility compared to traditional on-site production methods. REMI is an innovative and increasingly popular model that is changing the way live events are produced and broadcasted.

How do I know what is the right kind of event for me?

Largely, you have to look at where your audience is located and if you’re looking to have an event with people vs. providing it to a larger audience. It also depends on your goals for the event and what success looks like for you. In the end, what do you want to achieve?

Hand in Hand Productions will take you through our intake process to help identify the best type of event for you.

Can you help me create content for my event?

With over 30 years of content production, Hand in Hand Productions excels at looking at the entire event goals and will partner to create highly dynamic content that fits your program. We’ve seen a lot and experienced a lot – and our know-how will take a lot of pre-planning burden off of your plate.

What type of content can you help me with?

We can help with video content of every kind including informational formats such as online education, promotional videos, or docu-series; or shorter films with big impact such as sizzle reels, event teasers, or lead generation reels which are fast-paced and convey influential information in an exciting way. We can also create immersive b-roll for any video type to pull your audience into a virtual experience.

What is b-roll?

B-roll, which is a term that originated from use of the B camera or backup camera to capture additional footage, is the footage that we use to cover edits and to further develop and tell compelling stories in a visual way. B-roll may be short video snippet cutaways or still images – depending on the most compelling visuals needed to convey the message.

Can’t I just do my event myself on Zoom or similar?

The reality is yes, but what Hand in Hand Production brings to the table is the ability to allow you to focus on what you need to focus on and not the technology behind the meeting. But even better, you will end up with a highly professional, branded experience that directs your audiences’ attention where you want it to be. We take the snafus out of the game because you have a professional team running the show.

Can I access my event content after it’s over?

One of the advantages in working with Hand in Hand Productions is that we proactively identify the uses of the content before we even create it. Our goal is to create content that you can slice and dice to use in many ways post-event. We’ll deliver your content to you in a usable format that can be published in multiple ways across different marketing platforms and channels.

Do I have to go to your studio or can you come to me?

While we love it when people enjoy and use our state-of-the-art facility, we have the know-how and the crew to make any event happen in your location, no matter where your team is. By coming to our studio you remove challenges such as where to set up, how to avoid extraneous interruptions, and whether or not you have the right technology setup on premise. Don’t get us wrong, it can be done! And if you’re looking for an on-premise event, we’ll make sure it goes off without a hitch. But it’s worth considering using our tried, true and tested facility.