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Livestream, Virtual & Hybrid

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Take your next meeting or event to a whole new level with top-notch audio and video streaming. Hand in Hand Productions’ virtual, hybrid, and livestream event production can provide the services you need. 

We capture the energy in the room, amplify your idea, and broadcast it to the world.  So your voice gets heard. Loud and clear.


If your goal is to get informational or promotional material out to the world, livestream is a good option because it offers a one-to-many format. 

For example, say you have two or three presenters who need to deliver a message to twenty or more people, but you also need chat capabilities and other engagement tools – a livestream will keep things hopping and keep your audience engaged.


Hand in Hand Productions also offers an experienced, behind-the-scenes tech team for your Zoom meeting to take the guesswork out.


A virtual event is similar to livestream but infers a higher level of interaction between your presenters and your attendees. 

For instance, this format is a great choice if several people will be talking and engaging in forums such as strategic planning sessions, auction bidding, or large-scale events that need breakout rooms and other interactive environments.


Hand in Hand Productions will recommend the right tech platform for you to run your meeting and will work with you to optimize its capabilities during your virtual event.


When you look at a hybrid event, typically these take place in person as well as virtually.  Hybrid events must allow interaction for both your audience attending in person as well as those who are participating online.

An example might be a panel event or an auction, where you’ll have a live audience engaged in the activity as well as guests tuning in online. They want to feel like they’re in the room even if they’re at home in their pajamas.


Hand in Hand Productions will ensure you have the equipment you need to run your in-person production, as well as anything needed to make sure the show feels live for those at home.

the wow factor

For all three types of events, when we partner with you, together we’ll identify and implement dynamic content including graphics, videos, and other multimedia content that captures your story and message.


Contact Hand in Hand Productions to work with our virtual, hybrid, and livestream event production today.


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