Corporate Events

Big launch or release?
Media event?
Company-wide meeting?

We’ll handle all the production bells and whistles. Focus on your message and we’ll focus on making it sing.

With the rapid rise of streaming video and virtual meetings, Hand In Hand Productions is more relevant than ever. 10 years ago only the biggest companies and organizations would consider streaming events. Now everyone’s doing it. 

Matt Hand and his team are consultants and strategists. You can bet that their heart and souls will go into your event, no matter the type you have.

The most savvy and successful corporations realize that hosting inclusive events is key. Remote team? No problem. Whether your audience is participating in person or joining from afar, everyone will feel welcome and immersed in your event. 

Internal communications done right are essential for morale and retention. We’ll help you keep it interesting and enjoyable! Pull your team in – make them part of the company meeting with the right tools so that they are truly engaged.