3 Things You Need for an Event

If I were to sum up events and what are three things that you would need for an event, the first obviously is your plan. Now when you look at a plan, obviously that is the beginning, the middle, the end. Now the beginning is pre-production. So the content production, the graphics, all of those other things, the middle is obviously the execution and the end is looking at that content in other ways and utilizing it the maximum way possible. Now second, I’m going to actually say that the second is actually your backups, your equipment, all of those other things. The second thing is probably almost more important than the first. Fortunately, we have invested in the future and we’ve invested in some gear that we know is just robust and we’ve always planned for a backup as well as a backup for the backup. And third is always a good partner. Now I’m not going to say choose us. Well, maybe I am going to say choose us. The reality is find somebody that you’re comfortable with, that you trust, that you know that in the end of the day they’re going to get the job done.







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