Strategic Planning with Hand in Hand Productions

Welcome again. It’s time where I wax poetically. Well, I got to figure out some other line, but I don’t necessarily wax poetically. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of involving us early on in that strategic planning phase of your events. And we have worked with some amazing event planners over the years. And one of the things that I appreciate the most is them including us in that early stages of that planning for a few reasons. One, it allows us to make sure that we’re getting the overall experience in the room. And if you’re going to be live streaming it or even that hybrid approach, make sure that we’re touching all of those points, and two, it’s also gives us a chance to provide solutions for budget. What we see is budgets have grown, but sometimes people want to do more with less. So we come in and we try to tell you, okay, this is what we can do for your budget. And we make sure that we’re delivering on that. The other part of this is really, really digging into strategically what you’re trying to accomplish. And it’s so important to reach those people in the room. So what is your story? What resonates with the people in the room? And what we love to do is have that approach in the very beginning where we’re getting in there and really, really touching your audience through better graphics, better video, whatever that looks like, lighting, sound. There are so many ways that we can engage you to better engage your audience. So we really, really appreciate that strategic approach early on. Give us a call. Happy to help you out.







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