How The Pandemic Has Changed Video Production

Time again where I wax poetically, well maybe not poetically, about the changes in our industry, video production, events, what it looks like in today’s climate. I wanted to talk a little bit about the difference between pandemic now versus pandemic before. Obviously pandemic before what we saw as a video production company was just a lot of event support, a lot of us going and providing really great AV support for some amazing clients and some amazing events. Pandemic hits, obviously we know everything changed and in our industry the changes were huge and we began to support virtual as well as hybrid events and we’re so excited because post pandemic now, or if we can call it post pandemic, what we are literally seeing is the ability to combine now these events. So you may have an event on site but what we have the ability now to do is combine all of these great tools that we received and that we invested in during the pandemic at its worst and we now leverage those for hybrid events and hybrid events are just off the charts. It’s amazing how we can now integrate all these tools to get the amazing experience for the people watching online as well as in the room. Now I want to note a couple of other things about that. It is incredibly important to be recording all of your events because what we’re seeing is where people may not have that same what we refer to as destination where they will come and view the stream as they did during the pandemic. What we’re seeing is those views are consistently higher after the fact and mixed bag and we’re still trying to investigate on you know how to get that engagement up during the event but what that means is the retention and other things after your event is equally as important because people are coming and creating a destination to view those event view your events and just like experience them in a better way. So if you want to know more we’re happy to talk to you. Thanks for joining me today.







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