REMI Example

Hey there, Matt Hand, what are you doing?
So part of our REMI solution that we’ve been working on is the ability to have setups remotely and switch it. And so I posted a video the other day on Instagram about a proof of concept. And what now is not a proof of concept, this is actually being done live.

Actually, Sami come over here and kind of come around and see this screen right here. This is actually the screen at the multi-view at Riverhouse in Bend, we’re actually in Hermiston. And what I’m actually doing is I’m actually switching this right now here in Hermiston, as this is basically on the, you know, on going on. And actually up here on this screen, this is actually one of the computers actually at the venue. It’s actually going to zoom right up there.

But we do have an operator on site just because this guy seems to be like to move around. So if I needed to do PTZ control, I totally can, but we’ve got an operator there doing that plus audio.

So again, I mean, if I wanna essentially, that’s Sammy come over here. So you know what, I wanna give the slides in him, I press hit a button,

I’m actually controlling the switcher on site.

So we’re really excited about this and the possibility to be able to do this for clients and a lot of other people.







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