Getting the Most Out of Your Produced Content

Hello again. I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance of beginning with the end in mind when it comes to producing content. What we have really found is that in this day and age of, you know, social media and all of these other tools and techniques that we can deliver the video, it’s so important to really understand that your content can be used in many different ways. I’ll give you an example. We recently had a client that we did an event for them. Now, that event was a fundraiser, but it was super important that the people that couldn’t join live could go back and watch the recording. So again, we offered an archive recording, but what they asked us to do is put together a sizzle reel. So a sizzle reel is usually highlights from the event. And so what we did is we took those smaller components and– or sorry, not the smaller components, but we took the entire event and made it much shorter. I think the end piece was about 90 seconds, some key takeaways, and they used that to not only put on their website, but then they put a link on social media blasts that went out and as well as email newsletters, and that increased their reach dramatically by just using the core content that they already had produced and allowing us to come along and tweak it. So really, when you’re looking at your content, make sure you’re looking at a holistic approach, and we can help you out with that.